Public Bidding

ITB No 2019 0010 (Transmission Cables)
ITB No 2019 0009 (MMH Studio Lighting Facilities)
ITB No 2019 0008 (MMH Uplink C-Band Satellite)
ITB No 2019 0007 (MMH Microwave)
ITB No 2019 0006 (MMH Technical Broadcast Operation Center tboc)
ITB No 2019-0002R Rebid of Supply Delivery of Transmission Cable Connectors Accessories for PTV 11 Cebu
ITB No 2019 002 (Negotiated Procurement of Fire Extinguishers)
ITB No 2019 001 (FINAL Nego-Space Segment)
ITB No 2019 0001 (UPS BATTERY)
2018 Projects

ITB no 2018-0001-2-units-fly-away-system
ITB no 2018-0002-uplink-system
ITB no 2018-0003-15-units-vehicles
ITB no 2018-0004
ITB no 2018-0005-10-units-camcorder-news
ITB no 2018-0006-2-units-10kw-analog-tx-davao
ITB no 2018-0007-standalone-playout-server
ITB no 2018-0014
ITB no 2018-0015-memory-card
ITB no 2018-0016-fire-extinguisher
ITB no 2018-0017-camera-system-lotto
ITB no 2018-0018-cellular-banded-tx
ITB no 2018-0019-space-segment
ITB no 2018-0020-microwave
ITB no 2018-0021-vehicles
ITB no 2018-0022-fire-extinguisher
ITB no 2018-0023-r-lease-service-standard-c-band-space-segment
ITB no 2018-0024r-14-units-vehicles-3
ITB no 2018-0025-grocery-items-2
ITB no 2018-0026-audio-processors
ITB no 2018-0027-wire-wireless-microphones
ITB no 2018-0028-monitors
ITB no 2018-0029-rack-mounted-workstation-server-3
ITB no 2018-0030-janitorial-services-3
ITB no 2018-0031-procurement-of-security-services
ITB no 2018-0032-toc_mcr-final
ITB no 2018-0033-video-system-for-ptv-davao-final-converted-2
ITB no 2018-0034-studio-audio-system-final-3
ITB no 2018-0035-digital-matrix-communication-system
ITB no 2018-0036-editing-system-and-it-infrastructure-final
ITB no 2018-0037-portable-microwave-final
ITB no 2018-0038-lighting-system-final
ITB no 2018-0039-vehicles-final
ITB no 2018-0040-uplink-system-final
ITB no 2018-0041-eng-camcorders-philgeps
ITB no 2018-0042-graphics-ffinal
ITB no 2018-0043-cellular-bonded-philgeps
ITB no-2018-0044-repair-of-ob-van
ITB no 2018-0045-transmission-cables
ITB no 2018-0046-international-news-service

Invitation for Negotiated Procurement